What are the Best-Paying Careers for Women?

What are the Best-Paying Careers for Women?

As more women enter the workforce, their salaries have increased with their increased presence. Access to jobs that were once considered “male only” has enabled women to get in on the upper tier of the pay range. It’s common to see women in high-paying, traditionally-male dominated positions such as attorneys, physicians or Chief Executive Officers. Greater experience, better people skills and keener competition for women employees are three reasons for the rising salaries among the modern female workforce. There has never been a better time to be a working woman.

While there is still a salary discrepancy between men and women who perform the same job, the gap is narrowing. In some fields, the trend has reversed and women are earning more than their male counterparts. Some jobs will never be equal. Female models will always earn more than male models because they sell magazines. Male basketball players will always earn more than female basketball players because they sell more tickets.

Some jobs are a better fit for women workers who want to have a career and a family life. Men are more likely to assume a heavier workload than women. They’re also more likely to choose business over family. Women are willing to take a lower salary if it means they can have a more flexible schedule and spend more time with their family.

Based on figures by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, here are the ten top-paying jobs for women.

10. Using their people skills and organizational abilities, human resource managers bridge the gap between the staff and the administration of a company. The responsibilities of a human resources manager are diverse, including recruitment, hiring and training new employees, terminating employees, managing the company’s insurance plans and enforcing company policy. The median yearly salary is $60,500.

9. Computer programmers are always in demand and they get paid well. Programmers are responsible for maintaining the company’s internal network, its presence on the World Wide Web, online sales and all the required hardware. Women have been working as computer programmers for decades. Their median yearly salary is $61,000. Those programmers with experience with older languages or the most modern programs can earn considerably more.

8. Female speech-language pathologists earn approximately the same pay as their male counterparts. The median annual salary is $61,500. A speech pathologist’s responsibilities include assessing, diagnosing, treating, and preventing maladies with voice, articulation, cognitive communication, swallowing, language and speech. They treat patients with stuttering, vocal inabilities and tone problems. Speech pathologists also help those with cognitive disorders like problem solving, memory loss or attention disorders.

7. Seventh on the list of top earners are physical therapists. With chances to work for a clinic, private practice, professional sports team or a chiropractor’s office, physical therapists have a wide range of opportunities awaiting them. With the baby-boomer generation aging, physical therapists will remain in high demand for quite some time. Like most professions in the medical field, physical therapists earn a fine wage. The median yearly salary is $63,000.

6. Information Systems managers oversee a team of programmers, systems analysts and other Information Technology professionals. Managers are the highest-paid employees in the IT field. They guide software development, secure the local company network, supervise online and dial-up help lines and oversee Internet sales and operations. This is a job with plenty of responsibility and a starting median salary to back it up. Information Systems managers earn $73,500.

5. Women who earn their law degree can expect a median yearly wage of $76,000. While it takes years of college and experience to earn the big pay, attorneys enjoy constant employment. Attorneys can choose among government, public or private practice. Trial lawyers earn the most, especially for defense attorneys and civil lawsuit litigators. Men tend to earn more as attorneys, but that is likely due to years of experience. Law was one of the hardest fields for women to invade.

4. Women can earn a tidy sum in the boardroom. Chief executives average $83,000 in yearly median salary. CEOs establish, enforce and execute policy decisions within a company. They have to be competitive, fearless leaders with vision and the insight to bring their vision to life. They are accountable to the stockholders and other members of the board of directors. Being a chief executive comes with privileges like short workdays and long vacations that are perfect for a woman who wants to balance her family life with her career.

3. The top three best-paying jobs for women are in the medical field. Pharmacists are in third place with a median yearly salary of $83,500. Pharmacists ensure proper distribution of medicines to patients in retail outlets, healthcare locations and research sites. Patients routinely seek advice on drug interactions, information on their medications and help with their insurance forms from their pharmacist, so people skills are valuable in this position. Pharmacists may also be asked to oversee the smooth operation of the pharmacy section of a store.

2. Women who choose to be physicians or surgeons can expect a very nice paycheck. With a median yearly salary of $84,000, female medical doctors earn a great wage and can choose a flexible work schedule. Concierge physicians carry a small patient load and charge a yearly fee for a greater level of service. They can usually set their own hours and keep time open for their family.

1. Women doctors who choose to specialize earn more than general practice doctors. Anesthesiologists receive a median yearly salary of $135,725. The best-paid anesthesiologists earn in excess of $300,000. That high pay comes with a price—16 years of college, grad school, internship and residency. It is the highest paying job in the field that has the most and best opportunities for women. The job has considerable responsibilities attached to it. Anesthesiologists must maintain their patients’ vital signs while they’re undergoing surgery. They’re responsible for administering pain medication to critical-care patients. Their skills and training enable them to make life and death decisions.

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