Top 10 Trendy College Majors

Top Ten Trendy College Majors?

From hazing to ramen-gorging to finals week, college is often referred to as the “peak” or “golden era” of one’s life. It’s a time for individual growth and decision-making. If there were one decision, besides showing up sober to test day, that is most important, it’s the choice of major. Below are listed the top ten trendiest majors of the day, not by virtue of salary or demand but by job satisfaction and popular appeal.

1 – Food Science

Whether you’re sick of your stomach growling during lab or craving a food-related creative outlet, food science offers ample satisfaction for science buffs with a passion for grub. While it’s no piece of cake academically, often requiring calculus-based science courses, food science majors will be able to apply their extensive knowledge of food to practically solve food supply, safety, and preservation issues. The Institute of Food Technologists lends much more information as to the job potential and benefits of this promising career.

2 – Anthropology

Anthropology is the study of humans with the aim to effect positive change in populations that exhibit a need. Anthropologists, who can specialize in medical anthropology, cultural anthropology, and other areas, get paid by the government to go all over the world and make people’s lives better. Encouraging mothers in Mali to wean their children earlier after studying the nutritional deficiencies of Malian children that breastfeed too long is an example of an anthropologist’s work. Essentially, they are constantly vacationing philanthropists that get paid!

3 – Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is the rehabilitation of patients who need to re-strengthen, re-educate, and otherwise heal any part of the body that has been injured. The industry is expected to explode as baby boomers are just aging beyond their mid-sixties. Today, most  undergraduate physical therapy programs are preparation for graduate degrees. As a physical therapy student, you will take chemistry, biology, physics, and anatomy. After uncrossing your eyes, you will enter one of the world’s most gratifying careers, as you will wake up every day and help cancer patients fight back or teach new prosthesis owners to walk.

4 – Viticulture

Whether you have an exquisitely refined palate or are looking to legitimize your infatuation with all things wine, viticulture is the ultimate major for you. Viticulture is the holistic study of winemaking. In this major you will learn the applied sciences and agricultural nuances of grape growing, fermentation, and the management side of winemaking. Upon completion, you will know the best kind of soil to harvest wine-ready grapes, how to bargain ruthlessly with local grape growers, and of course, how to make delicious wine.

5 – Foreign Language

If you have monopolized scrabble to the point that no one wants to play with you, majoring in a foreign language is a viable option. These majors teach the phonics, phonetics, vocabulary, and everything else about the language so that you can be fluent. Best of all, most foreign language majors get the opportunity to travel to the country of their language’s origin to try out their skills and learn about the culture. And after this “work” is done, you get a four-year degree and hundreds of companies that are vying for bilingual applicants just like you!

6 – Actuarial Science

Actuarial science incorporates advanced math, statistical theory, and probability to prepare students for a career as an actuary. While this major is one of the most difficult in terms of advanced math courses, actuaries have the awesome privilege and responsibility of using their sophisticated formulas to provide risk analysis for companies that pay generously for it. Essentially, they determine the likelihood of certain events happening or not. Often employed by insurance companies and auto manufacturers, actuaries are consistently listed as one of the top two most satisfied workers. The American Academy of Actuariesoffers community resources for recent graduates as well as information for prospective actuarial students.

7 – Comparative Religion

If the ontological argument and Taoist doctrine are more your game, why not major in comparative religion? Comparative religion programs teach the fundamentals of all lines of faith and then cross-analyze and compare them. Students who elect this major are also cited among the most satisfied of students, as they get to learn different religious rituals every day, strengthen their faith and open-mindedness, and appreciate the religious customs of others.

8 – Environmental Engineering

Environmental engineering students apply a sharply honed knowledge of both science and engineering concepts to make major improvements in the environment. After enduring a program fraught with engineering and environmental science courses, students graduate and begin their efforts in pollution control, resource conservation, and more. Akin to anthropology, this field requires an understanding of legal guidelines as well as the foresight to predict the potential backlash of major changes in the environment.

9 – Film Studies

Film studies majors will learn how to analyze, discuss, interpret, criticize, explain, and even create films of their own. In this program, you will encounter numerous courses on the history of film, filmmakers, and actors, as well as the finer points of film production and the various influences in contemporary filmmaking. After graduating from this program, you will be ready to review, revise, and even create memorable films.

10 – Psychology

Finally, few majors are as comprehensive or fascinating as psychology. Psychology majors get to delve into the human mind, learning the intricacies of human perception, cognition, behavior, rationality, fear, and everything else that makes us human. A psychology student may start the average day by learning the major bones of the ear, and end it with a mock psychoanalysis session. After graduating from this program, students are enabled to work in schools, hospitals, clinics, the army, sports teams, and the list goes on.

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