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Tennessee is a state comprised of nine public and 72 private, four-year colleges and universities, and 107 community and technical colleges. Some of the most well-known postsecondary educational institutions in Tennessee are the University of Tennessee, ranked No. 101 in the nation by U.S. News & World Report, and the prestigious Vanderbilt University, ranked No. 17 in the nation. The Tennessee Higher Education Commission is the state's higher education governing agency. It acts to direct and maintain the state's universities, colleges, and other postsecondary institutions.

In 2010, the THEC established its Complete College Tennessee Act, with the purpose of turning over Tennessee's low graduation rate and high student debt. A mid-2012 audit conducted by the State of Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury found that while improvements had been made, there were still areas that needed more progress, including block transfer course corroboration among all majors and universities, and the high rate of taxes Tennessee citizens experience; taxpayers spend more on higher education than 41 other U.S. states, only to have low graduation rates. Improving these areas will undoubtedly boost the educational experience for online learners as well as on-campus students. Online education has been in full-swing for about 20 years and gained immense popularity due to the flexibility and easy-accessibility it provides its students. Some of Tennessee's top colleges with online courses and degrees can be found below.

Tennessee Tech University

Tennessee Tech University (TTU) was founded in 1912 and today serves about 12,000 students. It offers students the choice of 40 bachelor's degrees and 23 master's degrees through its six schools. TTU tenders quality education to its students, as it evidenced by its ranking as the No. 39 best university of the south by U.S. News & World Report. Additionally, it offers online college courses and degrees, making it one of Tennessee's top online colleges. More specifically, TTUE confers online bachelor's degrees in accounting, professional studies, and interdisciplinary studies, and master's degrees in business administration, exercise studies, professional studies, education, and nursing. Some of these degrees are fully online (e.g. Master of Arts in Exercise Science), while others are only partially online (e.g. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in accounting).

Tennessee State University

Also one of Tennessee's top colleges with online degrees is Tennessee State University (TSU). Established in 1912, TSU is located in Nashville, Tennessee. It provides its 9,000 students with the choice of bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in subjects like business, education, nursing, health administration, and physical therapy. Additionally, through TSU Online, students can choose from six online bachelor's degree and seven master's degree programs. Courses take place in three different formats: video, online, and hybrid. Students from other online schools or who attend school on-campus also have the choice to take distance education courses through TSU.

Strayer University

Strayer University was founded in 1892 and is one of Tennessee's affordable online colleges. Strayer prides itself in providing busy adults with an education that meets not only their scheduling needs, but fiscal and quality ones as well. Strayer has campuses in Tennesse, including in Knoxville, Nashville, Shelby, and Thousand Oaks. Moreover, Strayer University has a Tennessee Online campus. This online campus offers associate, bachelor's, and master's degrees in the following academic areas: accounting, business, criminal justice, education, health services administration, human resource management, information systems, information technology, and public administration. Students are permitted to choose whichever format they'd prefer to take their courses, which are offered as both asynchronous and synchronous.

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