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Higher education in Oregon can be found in one of its nine four-year public universities, 53 community and technical colleges, and 30 private colleges and universities. Oregon’s State Board of Higher Education is the governing board responsible for ensuring that the state’s higher education is of high quality and meeting the needs of Oregon’s citizens. Many plans are in effect in Oregon to meet these responsibilities, including those implemented by the Higher Education Assessment Team (HEAT) of Central Oregon. This committee expressed its intentions to increase higher education enrollment by collaboration among two-year and four-your institutions, reaching out to potential rural, primary, and secondary school students, and increasing distance education options in its “Expanding Higher Education Access and Success in Central Oregon: Innovating for Current and Future Needs” plan. Below, you will find some of Oregon’s top online universities and online colleges.

Corban University

Corban University is a private, Christian University located in Salem. It was founded in 1935 and currently offers over 50 postsecondary education programs. Corban University began offering distance education options in 1997 to meet the needs of busy adults; today, distance education options are administered through its “Converge” program. All of Corban’s online programs are asynchronous, meaning that students do not have to meet online at predetermined times and dates. Instead, students access course material and recorded lectures when it is most convenient for them. Corban is one of the top online colleges for psychology; its students may earn their business and psychology degrees through Corban’s U.S. News and World Report-ranked online bachelor’s degree programs.

Eastern Oregon University

Eastern Oregon University (EOU) was established as a teachers college in 1929. It is situated in La Grande and is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities (NWCCU). Boasting the tagline, “The University that Works with You,” EOU offers online bachelor’s degrees in the following disciplines: anthropology, business, English, fire services administration, liberal studies, philosophy, politics, economics, physical activity and health, and psychology. It also offers an online Master of Science in Education degree. Online students at EOC stay in contact with their instructors and peers through email and access their courses through the university’s Blackboard program. Also useful for students is that EOC offers accelerated education options, such as testing out of courses and allowing military personnel to transfer credits they gained while in the military; this makes it one of the state’s top online colleges for military personnel.

Oregon Health and Science University

Established in 1867 as Willamette University, Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) is located in Portland. It is a public university that offers bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral programs and courses in health care disciplines, including nursing, dentistry, pharmacy, and medical programs. OHSU began offering online bachelor’s degree classes in 2000. It is also one of the top online accredited colleges or universities in the state, with its online bachelor’s programs and master’s nursing programs being ranked by U.S. News and World Report in several categories. Online courses and materials are available through OHSU’s Sakai online management system, which makes accessing online courses simple for students. Also convenient for OHSU distance students is that they can have library books and resources mailed to them free of charge.

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