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School Info: Psychology is a complex, yet highly rewarding field in the career world. The psychology field offers a number of related jobs at many different levels for those interested in pursing careers in the field. The University of Phoenix offers students the opportunity to earn a bachelor degree in psychology with the successful completion of a degree program with a total of 120 credit hours. The psychology specific courses of the program include general, statistical reasoning, foundations, processes, history and systems, and cognitive, psychology courses. Additionally, courses in this program include courses in human development, learning and cognition, personality theories, and social, environmental, and abnormal psychology. The tuition rate for this program is $550 per credit hour, and financial aid and other tuition assistance options are available to students that qualify.

Career Info: Students with a bachelor degree in psychology from the University of Phoenix are familiar with the concepts and foundations of general psychology, including cognitive processes, and human behavior and development. Many students that complete this program branch out to pursue occupations as clinical research coordinators, human resource managers, and non-profit organization executive directors in a a number of organizations such as in medical offices, government agencies, and private practices. According to Payscale, clinical research coordinators earn an annual salary range of $32,556- $40,695. Additionally, executive directors of non-profit organizations earn a annual salary range of $44,504- $66,018, and human resource managers earn an annual salary range of $50,256- $78,498. Many employers wishing to hire well trained and knowledgeable individuals with the latest and updated information and trends at hand, make degree holders in the field highly beneficial and in high demand.

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