Off-Campus Housing

Living off campus can give you a lot of freedoms that cannot be felt when living in campus housing. You are on your own, paying bills not to your school, but to a landlord. When you have your own house chances are you are sharing it with some roommates that are either your best friends or a couple of people who could pay the rent. If you ever do decide to live in your own place off campus, be sure it is with people whose company you really enjoy. Just because it is not campus housing does not mean good roommate etiquette no longer applies. If you pick someone who is just looking to have a good time and does not respect the house, the damages done will be something you will be forced to deal with.

The benefits of living off-campus can come when you are sharing a home with friendly responsible friends. You can decorate any way you see fit, invite others for social gathering, it is all very real and can be a nice transition into what it will be like after college when you have a place of your own. As far as the space you possess it is generally no different then what can be obtained through college housing, you just have the ability to find a home with more character and one that can possesses a room that feels more like your bedroom back home. Having a different color wall paper and kitchen lay out then all of your friends back on campus can give you a feeling of originality. These little things can provide a closer bond to your home, allowing you to feel less like you are in hotel.

A real benefit of living off campus is that you eliminate any worries of campus security breaking up a social gathering among friends, checking ID’S, and just ruining what was a fun vibe. You really have to be more responsible in the same respect because if you do become too rowdy it will not result in a warning from campus security but a fine from the police. The responsibility is what you have to measure when debating whether to live off-campus or not. You have to ask yourself if you are mature enough to take on the extra chores that come from renting a home as oppose to campus housing where all problems are solved by maintenance and do not result in charges to your room and board – that is if they were not damages caused by you or your roommates.

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