9 Awkward Celebrity TV Cameos

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Have you ever shown up to a really fun party you didn't want to be at for a few minutes with the intention of being "seen," only to leave and immediately wonder if you were ridiculously awkward or endearingly charming? That's what it's like to do a celebrity TV cameo — but instead of hesitancy and internal crippling social anxiety, the entire world Internet gets to let you know which one it was. It's always fun when a rock star (or nerd star) shows up on your favorite TV show, and it's even more fun when that cameo is ridiculously awkward. Here are nine of our faves.

  1. Tom Morello on Star Trek Voyager

    If you love both Rage Against the Machine and flashing the Vulcan salute … you still probably thought this cameo was super awkward. Though the bald guitarist did have a funny line (and also appeared uncredited in Star Trek: Insurrection), here's hoping he doesn't ditch his current art form for the dramatic arts.

  2. John Hodgman on Battlestar Galactica

    It's tough to find this clip on the Internet, but if you're a general geek, a BSG fan, or just a PC, you well know the few seconds where Hodgman played a brain surgeon in the episode "No Exit", and you probably have an opinion about it. This cameo wasn't awkward as in awkwardly bad, but what else can you call a bit spot by a professional geek in a show for sci-fi nerds?

  3. Michael Stipe on Pete and Pete

    With a bit role as a sludgesicle vendor, you just can't help but ask: "What's the frequency, Captain Scrummy?" Although this quirky show is wrought with equally odd guest stars, in "What We Did On Our Summer Vacation," Michael Stipe strikes an awkward chord. Captain Scrummy's sludgesicles sound like they'd make, um, everybody hurt — or at least their tummies. In the video below, check out lots of the Nickelodeon classic's guest stars, including the REM frontman.

  4. David Bowie on Extras

    Did you ever wish David Bowie would inspire an entire pub full of people to sing about how you should commit suicide? If you answered yes, then you're Ricky Gervais. Or incredibly weird, and perhaps in need of some professional help. Check out the hilariously heartbreaking song below.

  5. Danny DeVito in Friends

    It's called "The One Where The Stripper Cries," but it's going to make you cry — unless you're into seeing Danny DeVito do a striptease to "Tainted Love." And just so you don't have to watch the trollish actor's sexy dance, here's a funny deleted scene from the episode.

  6. Boy George on The A Team

    Pity the fool who thought this cameo would be a good idea. In a groan-worthy episode called "Cowboy George," Boy George plays himself — much to the chagrin of the rednecks in the episode and, unfortunately, to the viewers. While The A-Team is always a campy good time, this episode is less than the best.

  7. President Obama on WWE

    Can you smell what Barack is cooking?
    Oh, dear. Before President Barack Obama, there was Senator Barack Obama. And that Obama did a super awkward short spot on WWE for some campaign PR. Watch here as the brainy nerd with veto power tries to relate to the agro-hungry wrestling crowd.

  8. Ken Griffey Jr. on Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    Although Griffey does his best to hold his own, he's definitely no actor. At the beginning of his hot streak as a baseball superstar, the kid looks really out of place as he walks into the frame, and generally carries himself uncomfortably until he gets his laugh. Check out the one-minute clip below.

  9. Kevin Smith on Law & Order

    In an unnamed bit part, popular director and funnyman Kevin Smith has a cameo where he's questioned by a detective. He's sans full beard and only scruffy, making him awkwardly hard to recognize. How could you make it an epic cameo? If only Jerry Orbach muttered, "You're dead, Mallrat!"

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