20 Best Tumblr Feeds for Animal Lovers

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Animal lovers come in all shapes and sizes, from PETA activists to the people who like everything about animals except the drool, fur, and smell. Luckily, the Internet provides information and captivating photos for every interest level. Whether you want to learn some animal facts to whip out on a first date or just want to see thousands of dogs wearing glasses, you'll find a Tumblr feed on this list that is perfect for you.

  1. Big Cat Blog

    If photos of animals hunting and eating other animals bother you, this may not be your favorite Tumblr. But if you like big cats (and some small ones) and all the ferocity that goes with them, this blog will provide you with photos, information, and links to relevant news about these predators and their conservation.

  2. Magical Nature Tour

    This Tumblr also includes some beautiful shots of settings in nature, but the main draw is the collection of animal photos being posted every day. From the everyday animal to the exotic beast, this blog has it all.

  3. Pretty Birds

    The Pretty Birds Tumblr delivers on the promise in its name and showcases photos of beautiful birds. Hawks, swans, robins: they're all here for online bird watching. And you won't have to practice those annoying birdcalls anymore.

  4. F— Yeah, Cute Animals

    If you don't mind the expletive in the address bar, this Tumblr is perfect for your daily cuteness quota. Actually, it will probably hold you over for weeks. Be prepared for animals hugging other animals, animals in bow ties and plain animal love.

  5. Animal World

    If you want to learn something rather than just stare at millions of pictures of baby animals, this blog may be more your speed. Each species featured in a post comes with a useful explanation and links to other posts you might enjoy. You'll walk away with knowledge of an animal rather than the urge to cuddle something fuzzy.

  6. Cutest Cats

    There are millions upon millions of photos of cats on the Internet, so it was impossible to independently verify whether these are, in fact, the cutest cats out there. But they are cute enough to bring out the crazy cat lady in you if you're willing to release that beast.

  7. Feathers and Beaks

    A bird-loving grad student catalogs these avian photos simply out of her passion for feathered, flying things. If you're tired of straining your neck to find birds in the trees, looking at this blog will be much easier.

  8. Black and White Creatures

    This isn't a Tumblr devoted to zebras or Dalmatians; there are photos of every type of beast in simple black and white. Details of the animals' features come out in the black-and-white photography, from fur to feathers to scales. It gives you a fresh perspective on some familiar faces.

  9. Worldly Cats

    These cats are more sophisticated than your pets — they're worldly. This Tumblr features photos of felines all around the world, with backdrops that are sometimes famous and sometimes just foreign. It looks like the website for an alternate-universe cat travel agency.

  10. Painfully Cute

    Don't bother with this Tumblr feed if over-the-top adorable animals make your heart hurt a little. Seriously, it's for your own good. If you want to chance it, there are lots of unbearably cute, tiny, furry creatures to make you bubble over with love.

  11. Paws for Adoption

    If you have a passion for finding pets a good home, Paws for Adoption reports on the latest news regarding puppy farms, shelters and the push for neutering.

  12. Fauna Facts

    This site provides animal trivia to wow your friends, along with information on upcoming films and concert series relevant to animal lovers. Imagine how much smarter you'll be after reading this blog.

  13. Animals Are Cool

    This blog's subtitle says it all: "Songs! Pictures! Interesting stuff! Animals! Yeah!" If that doesn't convince you to look at it, nothing will.

  14. Writers and Kitties

    Apparently lots of famous writers used a cat as their "mews." This collection of old photos shows the faces behind some of readers' favorite books hanging out with their feline friends. Among them are Ernest Hemingway, Truman Capote, Tennessee Williams and more.

  15. Fabulous Animal Rescue Project

    For those who want to find a way to help animals in need, this blog provides information on animal rescue projects around the world. Find one that speaks to you or helps pets in your community, and lend a hand.

  16. Hipster Puppies

    If you love animals and love to hate hipsters, this Tumblr will give you a few good laughs. Who doesn't find adorable puppies in scenester clothing (or any clothing, for that matter) hilarious?

  17. Interesting Animal Facts

    Did you know that if cows listen to music, they produce more milk? Or that more people are killed each year by donkeys than airplane accidents? This blog gives you valuable information like this daily. You never know when it might come in handy.

  18. 365 Days of Animals

    When you get sick of photos of cute animals from around the world, turn to this Tumblr where you'll find illustrations of cute animals from around the world. The artist in New York even takes requests for her next piece of work.

  19. Animal Fancy

    While you're waiting for Shark Week to come around each year, fill your time with Mongoose Week or Jellyfish Week. Animal Fancy focuses on a different species each week and provides more details than you can hold in your brain.

  20. The Muppets

    Find videos, photos and news clippings of all your favorite Muppets, like the wild drummer of Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. Wait, you are an Animal lover, right?

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