20 Soulful Blogs for Vinyl Fans and Collectors

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The pleasures of vinyl records can't be overstated: filled with warm sound, they connect with listeners on a fundamental era and serve as reminders of a time when music was consumed more slowly but with no less passion. (Track skipping is tricky enough, but finding a specific clip in a song is basically impossible.) Records also appeal to collectors because they often have to be hunted down, and while you can buy plenty of high-quality LP reissues at your local record store, there's something infinitely more pleasing about scouring the bargain bins for hours to come across some amazing and almost forgotten work of art. For those who love the art form, these blogs offer everything from stories by fellow collectors to tips on how to become an audiophile. Drop the needle and read on.

  1. Dust & Grooves: D&G is a "crate-diggin' photo blog" that celebrates the art of hunting through old boxed of LPs in search of something weird or wonderful. Based in Brooklyn, blogger and photographer Eilon Paz also has a Facebook presence where vinyl junkies can share pics of their latest hauls.
  2. Derek's Daily 45: Posting a new song (almost) every single day, this blog is a wonderful look back at some forgotten 45s, complete with streaming audio. A great stop before you hit eBay or your local record store.
  3. So Many Records, So Little Time: Blogger Kevin Patrick (who tweets as @somanyrecords) writes about his favorite 7" singles from a variety of labels, artists, and genres. Awesome selection of music that's fantastically organized by artist and label on the sidebar. You should just add it to your bookmarks now before you forget.
  4. Vinyl Lounge Hut: A glorious repository of the swinging sounds of mid-century America, this blog is a blast of easy listening nostalgia that's got definite boomer appeal. Where else can you discover a record by Dick Van Dyke?
  5. Away From the Numbers: Although the songs offered here are streaming-only, not downloadable, they're still a fantastic representation of 1970s punk and New Wave music, with some 1980s garage tunes thrown in for good measure.
  6. Diddy Wah: Easily one of the cleanest and best-looking sites on Blogger, Diddy Wah features mp3s of long-forgotten 45s for your listening and discovery pleasure. Start with this one and don't look back.
  7. The Devil's Music: The blog is billed as "an eclectic mixed bag of vinyl tricks and treats," which is probably the best way to sum up its diverse and usually interesting offerings. A great way to rediscover some pop nuggets like these.
  8. Flea Market Funk: For anyone who's ever driven to the outskirts of town and hacked their way through dirty canvas tents and ugly old boxes of records just to find a prized 45. Awesome old funk tunes.
  9. Garage Hangover: Devoted almost exclusively to 1960s garage bands, this blog is a great way to familiarize yourself with records that bridge a lot of more well-known rock and pop.
  10. Home of the Groove: This blog is a true gem that collects wayward funk and R&B records from New Orleans artists and preserves them for future generations. Works well as a primer to Louisiana music or for advanced research into arcane artists.
  11. Funky 16 Corners: The mp3s and mixed that get posted here are usually only available for a few weeks, so get them while you can. The blog is a deep and entertaining exploration of mostly 1970s funk.
  12. It's Great Shakes: Bloggers Brian Marshall and Todd Lucas skirt (or attempt to skirt) potential copyright issues by reminding readers that the mp3s they post are intended to be educational and in no way a replacement for the sheer fun of hunting for records like this one yourself.
  13. Collecting Vinyl Records: As straightforward as you'd think, this blog has tons of great info for rookie collectors about how to find and preserve your vinyl. They also offer regular rundowns of new releases and reissues. (If you've been hankering for a new pressing of Van Halen's 1984, now's your chance.)
  14. OMG Vinyl: OMG Vinyl boasts interesting links and helpful retailers to aide you in your quest to get more vinyl. Be sure to check back often, as they have regular sales.
  15. The Vinyl District: "Digging through your record store one crate at a time." TVD is the official blog of Record Store Day, an annual event devoted to promoting independent record stores and a love of vinyl recordings. The blog highlights everything from old albums to new releases as well as special pressings done for the in-store events.
  16. Twilightzone!: Some of the most eclectic collections out there, which is saying something. A fun music blog devoted to quasi-classics and underappreciated gems, complete with downloads for many of them.
  17. The Singing Bones: Great history and engaging writing make this blog one of the stronger reads for record lovers. Tons of 45s you've probably forgotten ever existed, and the pictures alone will knock you down with nostalgia.
  18. Record Fiend: These guys write about whatever strikes their fancy on a given day, which makes for some wide-ranging but enjoyable glimpses at a whole host of classic records. The posts are thorough and informative, to boot.
  19. Record Envelope: Here's one for true obsessives: a blog devoted to the different paper sleeves that held records of all sizes. A neat reminder that the album covers weren't the only pieces of visual art in the record era.
  20. Feel It: Darcy's an active member of the record-loving blog world — some of her posts link to other blogs mentioned on this list — and she always posts interesting write-ups about fantastic singles. Some of the most enjoyable music history on the web.
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