Applying to the Top Online Colleges

The process of applying to top online colleges can be tricky, but with a little organization and effort, you can make your application shine, send it off, get accepted, and soon be on your way to enrolling in your first classes. While the application process will differ slightly from college to college, you can certainly expect to see a few similarities in each process.

While many colleges accept paper applications, the vast majority of online colleges prefer applicants to fill out an online application. Online colleges have simple, streamlined online application processes that guide applicants through the process step by step. On your college application, you will answer basic questions about yourself, as well as provide information related to your schooling, such as your GPA in high school and the types of extracurricular activities in which you participated, according to the Princeton Review. The answers to these questions help colleges determine the type of person you are and if you have the potential to succeed in college. All online colleges require applicants to possess a high school diploma or its equivalent, e.g. a GED.

There’s more to the application process than just filling out the application, however. Students must also provide a sealed copy of their high school transcript (or college transcript, if you plan on completing a degree you already started). Other documents that are commonly required include your official SAT or ACT score report, sealed letters of recommendation, a personal statement and/or an essay. When you submit your application online, be prepared to provide an application fee.

The only part of the application process that you have little control over is the letters of recommendation, and not all online colleges require them. If they are required, find people with whom you have built a rapport who will write well of you and speak to your strengths. Some online colleges, such as American Intercontinental University, require students to sit for an admissions interview as well. Interviews may be conducted in person or over the phone, depending on various factors.

Finally, when applying to top online colleges, be sure to pay attention to admissions deadlines. While some schools will work with individuals who wish to submit a late application, others have firm deadlines from which they do not budge. By carefully following your school’s application process instructions, you’ll get the ball rolling on admission in no time.

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