Top Online Colleges for Vet Tech

Accredited online colleges for veterinary technicians are perfect for those who love working with animals. A veterinary technician is similar to a nurse in that they assist the licensed practitioner and are trained to perform some assessments and treatments for patients. However, instead of working with human patients, vet techs treat small animals like dogs and cats or even large animals like horses and cows. It is a hands-on career that requires a large amount of technical skill and expertise. The education and training required to become a vet tech involves academic knowledge as well as hands-on experience. The best online colleges for vet techs provide the training needed to pursue a career in this field.

Vet Tech Course Work Basics

Most vet tech programs have two distinct requirements: the class work and the clinical rotation. The clinical rotation is where students learn and practice the procedures and process, perform assessments, and learn how a veterinary clinic operates. Students also learn how to handle different animals and observe animal behavior. Students learn the fundamental knowledge of the vet tech occupation in the classroom. Top rated online colleges will include a range of courses from general chemistry and biology to specific animal science courses and veterinary technician courses.

  • Introduction to Animal Science: In this course, students learn the fundamentals of animal biology.
  • Introduction to Veterinary Technology: This course provides an introduction to veterinary technology basics.
  • Anatomy for Veterinary Technicians: This course covers the anatomy of animals that is most relevant for vet techs.
  • Small Animal Nursing: Students learn techniques for treating small animals like dogs and domestic cats.
  • Animal Nutrition: In this class, students learn about providing animals with proper nutrition for optimum health and longevity.

Veterinary technicians and technologists need a thorough understanding of animal anatomy, nutrition, health, and wellness for many different species and breeds. Vet tech course work covers animal physiology and anatomy in great depth. Students also learn about parasites, diseases, and illness that affect animals. Animal health and nutrition courses allow vet techs to encourage proper care and diet for animals to ensure their optimum health. Depending on their long term career goals, students attending accredited online colleges for vet techs might choose courses that focus on small animal or large animal care.

Careers for the Vet Tech Graduate

Most vet tech graduates go on to veterinary technicians positions in veterinary hospitals, clinics, or private practices. Veterinary technicians and technologists are required to work under a licensed veterinarian even though they must be a registered vet tech to apply for most positions in the field. An associate degree is required to complete the exam for most veterinary technician positions. Associate degrees in veterinary technology are available from top accredited online colleges. A bachelor’s degree in veterinary technology is required for most veterinary technologist positions. Bachelor’s degrees in this field are available through on-campus and online programs.

Veterinary technology is a fast-growing field, according the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. The BLS reports that between 2010 and 2020, positions in veterinary technology will grow by 52%, which is considered much faster than other occupations. On average, veterinary technicians and technologists earn approximately $29,000 per year. Salaries can vary depending on the location, the employer, and the qualifications and experience level of the candidate. Keep in mind that a degree in veterinary technology does not often meet the program requirements for advanced degrees toward becoming a veterinarian.

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