AA in Healthcare Administration from American InterContinental University

School Info: Business administration is a fast paced and constantly changing field in the career world. American InterContinental University offers students the opportunity to earn an associate degree in healthcare with the successful completion of 90 credit hours divided up by 4 parts. The lower division part of the program, which consists of 36 credit hours, includes courses in business, micro and macroeconomics, and marketing, and the concentration courses, 18 credit hours, include courses in medical terminology, office procedures, and records, and healthcare technology. The general education part of the program consists of 27 credit hours, with courses in english, computers, mathematics, and biology, while the final part of the program, which is 9 credit hours, is composed of general electives in web design and loss prevention. The tuition rate for this program is $260 per credit hour and financial aid assistance is available to students that meet the requirements.

Career Info: Graduates of this program are prepared with the skills and knowledge needed to enter a number of different healthcare related jobs. While this degree is set up for students that wish to continue their education to receive their bachelor degree, with an associate degree in the field, there are certainly plenty of healthcare jobs to consider. Many students with degrees in the healthcare administration field enter the workforce in jobs such as medical and health information technicians or clinical lab technicians. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, medical and health information technicians earned a median annual salary of $30,610 in 2008, and employment was expected to increase 20% by 2018, brining plenty of new jobs for medical technicians. Clinical lab technicians earned a median annual income of $35,380 in 2008, and jobs for clinical lab technicians was expected to increase 16% by 2018. With so much expected growth in the healthcare field, a degree in the field would be beneficial.

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