7 Expensive iPhone Apps Worth Buying

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Out there in the Internet ether of ones and zeros, there exists a curious class of applications that cost more than the devices on which they are utilized. Enter: The Expensive iPhone App. Expensive iPhone and iPad apps don't necessarily mean fluff for the yacht-rich. These seven pricey niche apps can improve your speech, teach you a few things about the law, and improve your functionality on the job. OK, fine. They can also book you a private jet. They may cost more than your most recent paycheck, but hey — it's free to look. (Photo via Flickr.)

  1. iStutter

    If you've got the pesky speech impediment, this $1,000 app claims to cure it. On the cutting edge of MPI (Modifying Phonated Interval) therapy research, iStutter also includes DAF (Delayed Auditory Feedback), and empowers users to use their stutter therapy app at home or on-the-go. Claiming to reduce the amount of mental effort needed for correcting the impediment, as well as naturalizing and color-coding the process, iStutter is a favorite for speakers who wish to be heard clear as a $1,000 bell.
  2. BarMax

    If you're a law student and Mac user in New York or California, the $999.99 BarMax is an app just for you. Lectures, test questions, reviews, and essays within will help prepare you for the ride of your life — finally taking the bar exam. And if you can believe it, at almost $1,000 it's really a steal — as the 1.4 gigabyte application contains as much information as courses five times its price.
  3. LSAT Titan

    Another great one for techie would-be lawyers, at $499.99, the LSAT Titan contains 6,300 licensed LSAT questions — and, hopefully, the promise of test success. It's reasonably priced for both the quality and quantity of materials, and a no-nonsense interface makes this expensive app substance heavy.
  4. iRa Direct

    If you're a government agency, a parking garage monitor, or a corporation — anyone with access to security cameras, basically — iRa Pro and iRa Direct aid in the management of your security system. A dynamic interface for keeping tabs on your properties, at $500 and $800 a pop, iRa products can mean the difference between being safe and being sorry.
  5. Agro

    Not to be confused with "aggro-," Agro is a $999.99 nice app for agronomists (soil scientists) to keep track of their clients, findings, and reports. Also used as a full-scale CMS for agronomists, the app is basically an entire business in a $1,000 button.
  6. Intuition Control Solo WolfVision

    Another on the list of $1,000 apps, this program is the top of the line in videoconferencing software. If you're a digital nomad or Internet entrepreneur, Intuition is an important tool for technocracy. And with impressive backend development, the app makes running your face-to-face business from anywhere in the world an easy few touchpad clicks away.
  7. iVIP Black

    The black AMEX in app form, this $999.99 one's worth buying … if you're the type of person that has so much money that you bathe in $100 bills. iVIP requires an authentication process to certify that you're of a certain income before download, and provides information about iVIP's partners. And while money can't buy happiness, it certainly can buy clout. When you're an iVIP, you use their locator service for special rates on hotel rooms and yachts, good theater seats, and private travel deals. Apparently, it's a fact: it's all about the Benjamins, baby.
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