Tips for Creating a Good Study Environment as an Online Student

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When you're an online student, it's really important to create a study environment that will help you get the most out of your education. After all, you don't have access to all of the study facilities as traditional college students do: the library, or empty classrooms around campus, or computer labs. Instead, you have to carve some time out of your day and some space out of your home so you can get some quality work done.

The first thing you should try to do in order to create a good study environment as an online student is to create a study routine that you can follow each or alternating days. This routine will obviously be based on your daily schedule and how you can work around that schedule; however, the important thing is to make whatever you do a regular thing. That way you can train yourself into getting into the studying mindset. Figure out when you learn best or at what times of day you are at your intellectual best, and then see if you can work a study session into your day to take advantage of your mood.

Next you should create a place in your home that you can use solely for studying. You should try to avoid studying in bed or at the kitchen table, as these places should be devoted to the activities for which they were meant: sleeping and eating. If you can associate certain behaviors with certain parts of your home, then you'll have a good shot at a worthwhile study session. This is part of the reason why studying in front of the television is so hard, because we are so used to just sitting there passively and watching shows, instead of thinking about what we are doing. If possible, try to study in a room that resembles an office: get a desk and a chair to sit at and only sit there when you need to do work.

Finally, you should try to make your learning materials distraction proof. Because most of your course work will be completed on your computer, you should create a profile on your computer that only allows you to access certain programs. This way you can minimize your distractions: random websites like Facebook, or any video games or chatting applications. Then once you have your studying completed, you can reward yourself by logging off and signing back into your regular account.

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