Things to Bring from Home to Campus

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It's almost impossible not to forget things when departing for a lengthy journey that requires lots of supplies. This is especially the case when you pack your bags for college. The essentials are obvious — clothes, TV, snacks — but it's those less obvious materials that often get left behind, as they remain safely nestled in a hiding spot that's impossible to spot with the naked eye. In order to combat packing-regret, make a comprehensive list that'll include enough items to prevent you from taking that inevitable post-move run to Wal-Mart.

If you're new to the college scene, then you may not have considered that you'll have to become your own cleaner, organizer and fixer-upper. Such a transformation can't be made without a solid arsenal of cleaning supplies, storage containers, hooks, door hangers, pliers, a hammer, a screwdriver and duct tape — the latter of which can be a solution to a variety of problems. It's a good idea to bring along extension cords, power strips and adapters, especially if you're moving into a new dorm or apartment, because you never know what kind of outlets you'll be working with and where they'll be situated. Obviously, you don't want to encounter a situation in which you're without your computer while school is starting up or PS3 when you're broke and can't afford to go out.

Maintaining good personal hygiene, or avoiding your roommate's bad personal hygiene, is a must when you're living amid a group of your peers. If you'll be residing in a dorm that features a communal shower, you'll definitely need slippers or shower shoes — you don't want to come into contact with the filth that flows across those floors. A supply of backup bed sheets will come in handy during emergencies in which a spill — of God knows what — puts your main sheets out of commission and immediately washing them isn't an option. Your roommates will also cause quite a bit noise pollution, so ear plugs will be needed to facilitate sleep during those nights you actually want to sleep. When you want to stay awake, having a bottle opener handy will enhance the night by easily opening those bottles full of tasty beer.

There are two inevitabilities in college life: your mattress will be incredibly uncomfortable and a massive downpour will start on campus when you least expect it, likely when you're wearing white clothes or en route to an important exam. For those reasons, you should absolutely bring a comfy mattress pad and an umbrella. Those are just two more underrated items that should be included on your list. Undoubtedly, you'll come up with more on your own, as each person has their own quirky needs. Just try not to weird out your roomy.

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