50 Ways to Go Green At Your Wedding

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Today, green is the new white. To truly go green for your big day, you may have to sacrifice an extravagant dress, artisan-designed invitations and plastic decorations, but who really needs those things anyway? Green weddings are just as beautiful, chic and enjoyable as any other wedding, but with the bonuses of saving money, being environmentally friendly and getting back to the basics. Here are 50 ways to go green at your wedding:

Green Wedding Guides

These green wedding guides will help brides and grooms explore their eco-friendly options and get inspired in no time.

  1. Green Wedding Shoes: Get inspired by these cool Southern California style weddings and DIY decorations that are cheap and eco-friendly.
  2. Great Green Wedding: From eco-friendly wedding flowers, green wedding invitations to re-used wedding gowns, this blog provides tons of resources to green any wedding.
  3. Eco-Beautiful Weddings: By the looks of this ultra-chic wedding blog, you'd never guess they plan environmentally-friendly weddings.
  4. Ecopolitan Bride: This site will make you rethink the normal wedding traditions and consider more original ideas, such as ethically sourced birthstones, vintage bouquets and organic cotton wedding dresses.
  5. Wedvert: Check out this site's experts tips and resources for planning a green wedding that minimizes your environmental impact and still looks beautiful.
  6. Etsy Wedding: Eclectic brides, who also care about the environment, will enjoy this innovative bridal blog and its eco-friendly finds.
  7. Emerald Weddings: Get inspired by the green weddings this Seattle-based wedding consultancy puts together.
  8. Green Bride Guide: This site has awesome resources and clever ideas to guide you through green wedding planning.
  9. Ethical Weddings: See what this online green wedding magazine and planning resource can do to green your weddings to the max.
  10. How to Reuse it Creatively: From paperless RSVPs, a reused wedding dress to bringing your own food to the reception, this blog will teach you new creative ways to make your wedding green.

Green and Preowned Wedding Dresses

Wedding dresses are typically worn once and spend the rest of their lives collecting dust in your closet. For less fuss, buy a pre-owned wedding dress for half the price or buy an eco-friendly gown that uses sustainable fabrics.

  1. Recycled Bride: Recycled Bride is the place to shop for gently used and fairly priced wedding dresses, bridesmaids' dresses, groomsmen suits and even wedding and engagement rings.
  2. Pre Owned Wedding Dresses: You'll find amazing deals on pre-owned wedding dresses, including designer brands on this online marketplace.
  3. Once Wed: Browse through this site's fabulous collection of used wedding dresses that are up for grabs.
  4. SmartBride Boutique: Check out this site's lovely collection of new and used wedding dresses for brides who are watching every buck.
  5. Wore it Once: Find the wedding dress of your dreams for less, without sacrificing style and sensibility.
  6. Bravo Bride: Get your bridal gown and the whole wedding party's attire on this convenient and eco-chic wedding site.
  7. Encore Bridal: If you want couture quality without couture costs, check out Encore Bridal's exquisite collection of nearly-new designer wedding dresses.
  8. Threadhead Creations: Here, you can have your eco-friendly bridal gown, made with sustainable natural fiber fabrics, customized or made to order.
  9. The Green Girls: Check out the featured wedding dress designers and their very eco-friendly gowns.
  10. Conscious Clothing: The site's name says it all — bridal gowns made of sustainable hemp fabrics that are both beautiful and environmentally friendly.

Green Wedding Favors and Decorations

Decorations and wedding favors can make a wedding just that much more special, so why not treat your guests to reusable and eco-friendly wedding favors, as well as fresh, organic flower arrangements they'll adore.

  1. Dream Green Weddings: From eco-candles, plantable seed place cards and fair trade jewelry, your wedding day will scream green.
  2. The Knot: The Knot has tons of eco-friendly wedding favors and decorations that your guests will love and reuse over and over again, like personalized wine glasses and paper fans.
  3. Beau-coup Favors: Here, you can browse through several edible, DIY and earth-friendly wedding favors and decorations to make your big day one that's free of eco-guilt.
  4. Bliss Weddings Market: Go green at your wedding with earth-friendly items like bird seeds favors, plantable seed place cards and palm leaf hand fans.
  5. EcoParti: From ecofetti, freeze dried rose petals to rice paper napkins, your green wedding decorations are covered here.
  6. Chocolate.com: Edible is earth-friendly, especially when it comes homemade, organic and fair trade chocolate you'll find here.
  7. Organic Bouquet: Check out these eco-friendly flower arrangements that are sustainably grown and certified organic.
  8. Flowerbud: Here you'll find certified VeriFlora flower bouquets and wonderful arrangements.
  9. California Organic Flowers: No matter where you are in the U.S., this California farm will ship their fresh organic flowers for your big day.
  10. More than a Bunch: Get bulk flowers at discounted wholesale prices, including eco-friendly roses and lilies to get more bang for your buck.


Eco-invitations aren't stiff, lifeless papers. Green invitations use recycled paper or paper-free designs and environmentally responsible methods to make beautiful invitations with purpose.

  1. Formal-Invitations: This Green America-approved online invitation store uses only 100 percent recycled paper for its invitations and packaging and you assemble it at home.
  2. Twisted Limb Invitations: Check out this company's 20 different invitation designs that all use recycled paper and include flower petals or wildflower seeds your guests can plant.
  3. Beau-coup Favors: Get one-of-a-kind invitations made from tree-free papers and 100 percent post-consumer recycled papers that are both chic and sustainable.
  4. Shindig: Check out this company's customized wedding invitations that are environmentally responsible with recycled paper, envelope-free invitations and working with printers that use soy or vegetable-based inks.
  5. Green Printer: You do the designing and Green Printer does the high-quality and eco-friendly printing.
  6. Green Field Paper Company: This paper company offer plantable and hemp paper invitations that are extra kind to the Earth.
  7. Minted: Check out Minted's gorgeous collection of eco-friendly invitations that can be customized to your liking.
  8. Invitation Consultants: Take a look at these stylish wedding invitations that are environmentally friendly and oh-so affordable.
  9. Baron Cards: Check out these modern and eco-friendly wedding invitations that come in graphic patterns and bright colors.
  10. Earthly Affair: Take comfort in knowing that these wedding invitations are made with completely recycled paper and eco-friendly printing methods.


These green ideas range from eco-friendly wedding rings, green gift registries and carbon calculators to stay as environmentally conscious about your wedding day as possible.

  1. Brillant Earth: Browse this jeweler's collection of beautiful earth-friendly rings that use conflict-free diamonds from Canada and sustainable gold, silver and platinum.
  2. greenKarat: These wedding rings take going green to another level of consciousness, by using recycled gold and gemstones.
  3. Touch Wood Rings: Go au-natural for your wedding with Touch Wood's custom-made sustainable wooden wedding rings.
  4. Leber Jeweler: This jeweler is committed to making lovely wedding rings with conflict-free diamonds, fair trade colored gemstones and recycled metals.
  5. Branch: When registering for gifts, why not go green with these sustainable home decor and garden accessories.
  6. VivaTerra: Register for these sustainable designs for the home and garden, like handcrafted dishes, furniture and accessories.
  7. Amazon: Amazon does it all — even wedding registries with a plethora of eco-friendly gift ideas.
  8. I Do Foundation: This wedding gift registry will donate a percentage of gift purchases to a charity of your choice.
  9. Carbon Calculators: Check your wedding's carbon footprint with this handy carbon calculator that measures the number of guests, travel and hotel arrangements.
  10. Terrapass: See how the number of guests, their travel plans and their hotel stay affect your wedding's carbon footprint with this calculator.
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