50 Amazing Blogs for Elementary Educators

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You might think your education ends when you graduate from college, but when you're working as a teacher, you'll soon come to realize that you learn just as much as you teach each and every day. If you're looking for some additional pointers and knowledge about teaching elementary students, the web is a great place to look, as teachers, technology experts and administrators are reaching out to share what they know. Check out these blogs for guidance, help and information perfect for teachers already working in the classroom, those still in college studying education, and for anyone interested in improving elementary education.

News and Views

Keep up with what's going on in the world of education and get some intelligent commentary on it through these blogs.

  1. eledblog: Teachers can find advice, news and tools to help push forward education reform and new ideas in education on this blog.
  2. EdWize: Check back with this blog regularly to get the latest education news and some commentary from education experts.
  3. Think Like a Teacher: This blog integrates posts about teaching, technology and the state of education in the United States and around the world.
  4. The Public School Insights Blog: Learning First Alliance maintains this blog all about the current state of the public education system– something any elementary teacher will want to keep up with.
  5. Eduwonk: Read education news, analysis and commentary on this can't-miss education site.
  6. EducationNews.org: The name of this blog says it all. It's a great source for education news that can impact how you teach and understand education.
  7. This Week in Education: Here, Alexander Russo offers up his take on some of the biggest stories in education news.
  8. Classroom Chuckles: Need a good laugh? This blog is full of stories shared by other teachers of funny things that students said that made their day.
  9. A Teacher's Marks: Read Dave Ellison, an education columnist, teacher and principal, here. He touches on some of the biggest issues in education in his bi-monthly posts.

Tips, Lesson Plans and Teaching Tools

These blogs are excellent sources of teaching tips, online resources and lesson plans that can make your job a little easier.

  1. So You Want to Teach: Teachers will find a helpful collection of articles on this site dealing with everything from classroom blogging to the best tips for new teachers.
  2. Educationtipster: This blog will help point you in the direction of all kinds of lessons, teaching tips and other resources that can improve your classroom experience.
  3. Dynamite Lesson Plan: Need some help developing truly awe inspiring lesson plans? Get some inspiration and guidance from this blog as well as commentary on all things education.
  4. The Lesson Mag: This online education magazine blog is an excellent place to go if you're looking for just about anything teaching related. While it hosts articles for all grade levels, there are tons of posts for elementary teachers.
  5. Beth's Elementary Education Blog: This basic blog from About.com addresses issues that many teachers will have to face at some point in their careers.
  6. Free Technology for Teachers: Here you'll find a great collection of lesson plans and resources to help you more effectively work with technology in the classroom.
  7. Peg's Plans: Teacher Peg shares her lesson plans for language arts, math and science on this blog.

Subject Specific

Whether you're looking to improve your math lessons or find a great art project, these blogs have you covered.

  1. A Year of Reading: The authors of this blog are both teachers who have a great deal of expertise in teaching kids to read and providing them with age-appropriate reading material. Check out their blog for reading suggestions, lessons and more.
  2. History is Elementary: Whether you are a history teacher or just want to improve your ability to teach the subject, check out this blog for inspiring ideas and facts you can pass on to your students.
  3. Learn Me Good: This blogger used to be a design engineer but now is a third grade math teacher. Check out his blog, and the book of the same name, to learn more about the challenges of math education.
  4. Let's Play Math: This blog is a great resource for teachers who are looking for ways to make math education more fun at the K-12 level.
  5. The Math Mojo Chronicles: If your students are struggling through math, consider using some of the methods presented in this math blog.
  6. Taming the Octopus: This blog is an excellent resource for tips on teaching kids to be better writers.
  7. Ms. Art Teacher: Get some great ideas on art projects that will challenge and intrigue your students from this blog.


In the 21st century, it's impossible to imagine a classroom without technology as part of it. Use these blogs to better understand just how you can use what technology has to offer to teach your students.

  1. Cool Cat Teacher Blog: Vicki is a teacher who has a great love of technology and shares that passion with her students and readers of this inspiring and popular education blog.
  2. Techno Tuesday: Cathy Nelson shares some techie education tips that can help engage your elementary students in this blog.
  3. Langwitches Blog: While some of the focus on this blog is on language learning, it is more generally full of posts on integrating technology into the classroom for all subjects.
  4. Weblogg-ed: Will Richardson has written the book, literally, on using blogs, wikis and podcasts in the classroom and shares some of his ideas for teaching with technology here.
  5. bit by bit: Here you'll find Bob Sprankle, an elementary technology integrator. He offers up some great ideas to help bring technology to your students.
  6. 2 Cents Worth: Get some insights into how you can use everything new technology has to offer to better teach and educate your students, with posts by educator David Warlick.
  7. Teach 42: Steve Dembo shares what he's learned about working with technology in an educational setting with other teachers through this blog.
  8. assortedstuff: Tim Stahmer, an Instructional Technology Specialist and a former math teacher now shares his expertise on technology with other educators and administrators who want to learn and embrace it.
  9. Thoughts By Jen: You'll get some great insights into using technology for education on this blog, with specific projects listed as well.

Administration and Policy

Learn about administrators who are trying to change education and the ways poor policy can harm the way teachers do their jobs on these blogs.

  1. It's Not All Flowers and Sausages: Being a teacher is a great job but sometimes a pretty hard one. Check out this blog to see one elementary teacher vent about the things that bug her about her job like huge workloads, bad administration and more.
  2. Educational Discourse: Check out this blog to hear from an elementary education administrator trying to make a difference and improve education.
  3. Teacher Beat: This blog from Education Week focuses on teacher-related policy and politics– something all teachers need to be aware of.
  4. Charter School Insights: Ever wondered if about the ins and outs of working for a charter school? Find out more about their administration and potential benefits through this blog.
  5. Stories from School: Through this blog, you can hear real teachers talk about how policy decisions have affected their day-today instruction and classroom activities.

Personal Development

These blogs focus on helping you become a better, more able teacher.

  1. Eduflak: This blog will help you find new ways to improve your teaching methods through better communication– both with students and colleagues.
  2. Teachers Teaching Teachers: Here you'll find a blog of a weekly webcast all about how teachers can help each other to be better at what they do.

Elementary Teachers

Who's better at offering advice and insight into working as an elementary educator than the teachers who do it everyday? Check out these blogs from teachers who specialize in a wide range of grade levels.

  1. Mrs. Cassidy's Classroom Blog: This teacher shares her lessons and experiences working with a classroom of first grade students in Moose Jaw, Canada on this blog.
  2. Regurgitated Alpha Bits: This teacher shares her teaching experiences, both the good and the bad. She loves her students but hates many of the politics surrounding teaching.
  3. Classroom Solutions: This blog is an excellent resource, with teachers from all grades offering their tips and advice for better classroom learning.
  4. Elementary Teacher Blog: See what's going on in this teacher's elementary classroom and maybe even get a few ideas for your own through this blog.
  5. Dedicated Elementary Teacher Overseas: This elementary educator may be working overseas, but with many classrooms being multicultural these days, many of the issues discussed may well apply in your classroom as well.
  6. Learning Is Messy: Brian Crosby has been teaching elementary students for almost thirty years, sharing ideas for integrating technology, hands-on experiences, field trips and art into lessons to interest even the most at-risk students.
  7. Kindergarten's 3 R's: Teacher Michaele Sommerville shares her fun craft ideas for young children and teaching experiences on this blog.
  8. Starting Our Journey: Mrs. Hawley, a kindergarten and first grade teacher, shares her thoughts on everything from classroom management to technology in this blog.
  9. ProTecher Blogs: Check out this site to hear from a wide range of teachers through the blogs they have hosted on the ProTeacher site.
  10. For the Love of Teaching: Blogger Diane is a teacher who wants to share her enthusiasm for education on this blog, focusing on learning and technology.
  11. Underground Teacher: This teacher may teach at the middle school level, but the posts on this blog will help you no matter what grade you teach.
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