20 Strangest Ice Cream Flavors That Actually Exist

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Ice cream is the international dessert of choice. From Italy's gelato, India's kulfi to America's traditional ice cream, most countries have their own versions of the divine dessert. With every version, you can expect a wide range of flavors that are as normal and wacky as they come. From animal innards, underwater creatures to frozen vegetables, you'll be utterly amazed at the bizarre flavors being scooped up around the world. Prepare yourself, because there's nothing vanilla about these 20 ice cream flavors.

  1. Horse Flesh Ice Cream: As if horse hooves in glue wasn't bad enough, there are Japanese ice creams sold with chunks of raw horseflesh inside. All opposed, say "Neigh."
  2. Octopus Ice Cream: Octopus ice cream is tentacular in Japan, where creamy milk and bits of tentacle are surprisingly popular together.
  3. Spaghetti & Cheese Ice Cream: Bits of cheesy spaghetti are drizzled over cheese-flavored ice cream to make this wacky concoction that's fit for any kid.
  4. Crab Ice Cream: Try clawing your way through this bizarre mix of crab meat and ice cream that's popular in Hokkaido, Japan.
  5. Squid Ink Ice Cream: The cool black-blue coloring of squid ink swirls nicely in a vanilla-flavored ice cream, but don't expect much flavoring from this dye job.
  6. Corn Ice Cream: You'll be amaized at the crunchy sweetness corn has when it's mixed with creamy ice cream.
  7. Garlic Ice Cream: You won't bulb-eve it, but garlic ice cream is a fan favorite among strange ice cream flavors. Just do us all a favor and don't forget your mints afterward.
  8. Goat Ice Cream: Goat's milk ice cream was not unheard of until some Japanese brands added goat meat to the mix, making this one of the strangest sweets of all time.
  9. Chicken Wing Ice Cream: Don't be a chicken: try Nagoya, Japan's chicken wing ice cream that has all the fried, fiery flavoring of a hot wing, cooled down with milk.
  10. Fish Ice Cream: The Japanese special, fish ice cream is a concoction of saury, a popular saltwater fish, creamy milk and brandy.
  11. Viagra Ice Cream: Yep, you heard it right — Viagra is now in ice cream form. The genius behind the gelato is Italian entrepreneur Franco Corradi, who mixed the magical twosome that's getting love around the world.
  12. Candied Bacon Ice Cream: If you like salty and sweet together, then you might want to try candied bacon ice cream, infused with brown sugar, cinnamon and butter that is delightful.
  13. Caviar Ice Cream: This delicacy is swirling up in gourmet French ice creams that will have you melting for more.
  14. Whale Ice Cream: Shamu lovers might blubber when they find out whale ice cream uses real whale blubber to achieve that fatastic taste.
  15. Wasabi Ice Cream: Wasabi ice cream is sure to tingle the taste buds and keep you coming back to put out the heat.
  16. Yam and Coconut Ice Cream: Yam and coconut may be an unlikely pairing, but this sweet snack is loved by ice cream aficionados around the world.
  17. Seaweed Ice Cream: Seaweed ice cream packs a hefty dose of salty sweetness that clearly comes from under the sea.
  18. Curry Ice Cream: Spice things up with curry ice cream for a sizzling but soft taste that your taste buds won't forget.
  19. Soy Sauce Ice Cream: One salty scoop of soy sauce ice cream looks like chocolate syrup, but tastes like last night's takeout. No chopsticks required.
  20. Salad Ice Cream: Salad ice cream is one way to get your daily serving of vegetables, including cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and lettuce mixed with strawberry ice cream.
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