20 Best Blogs for Amateur Mechanics

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There's nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction that results after you've independently and successfully completed maintenance on a complicated piece of machinery. Not only will you avoid being gouged by shady mechanics, but you'll also learn as you go, making future problems fixable with your own two hands. So whether you have the newfound motivation to tune-up your car, bicycle or refrigerator, the following blogs will assist you in your tasks as an amateur mechanic. So go ahead and give it the old college try.


Transform into an authentic grease monkey by learning the ins and outs of auto repair.

  1. Auto Repair Information: Author Mark Gittelman, an ASE Certified Master Technician with about a quarter-century of experience, lends his advice as an auto repair business insider. He dispenses helpful information about auto repair, parts and technology.
  2. Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair: Do-It-Yourself Auto Repair contains 10 pages of online auto repair tips from Master Tech Mark (aka Mark Gittelman, blogger extraordinaire), who's committed to assisting his readers with their auto repair questions on this blog. Some of his posts are accompanied with videos that allow readers to receive a visual education, making tasks a bit easier to successfully complete.
  3. Matthew's Auto Repair Blog: Matthew Wright is a journalist with years of auto repair experience, so expect well-written, easy-to-digest advice on his blog. Novice driveway mechanics can read through the "Auto Basics" section to learn about elementary tools and terminology. Readers can also learn how to troubleshoot and repair different problems.
  4. DenLors Tools Auto Blog: The tool company composes a blog "tailored specifically to automotive repairs and car specialty tools." Many of the topics it features are inspired by questions from customers who are committed to fixing their own auto problems; author Dennis Bandy is highly responsive to readers.
  5. Auto Repair Yourself Blog: Steve, founder of myautorepairadvice.com, is an ASE Certified Master Automotive Technician and Accredited Automotive Manager, so auto repair is certainly his expertise. His blog features advice and videos aimed at helping his readers through their auto problems.
  6. Blog Car Parts: An auto parts consultant shares his knowledge relating to "parts, cars and the business." His blog focuses on the installation and function of car parts. For example, recent posts include "How to Install a Turbocharger" and "Wheel Bearings: What They Do and How They Fail". Informative content for anyone interested in how their car works.
  7. Real Car Guys: In addition to interesting car news and information, Real Car Guys has a "Do It" section for do-it-yourselfers. Readers can find an answer to the basic question "Why Do Batteries Go Dead Without Warning?" and learn when to "Change Coolants and Replace Hoses."
  8. Free Auto Mechanic: An owner and operator of an auto repair service center offers his advice free of charge. With more than 15 years of car maintenance and service experience, there are few problems he hasn't seen, so he welcomes a variety of questions from readers.
  9. Edmunds Daily: Car Maintenance: This Edmonds blog reminds readers of the basic maintenance they should routinely undertake during the lifetimes of their cars. Navigate through the site and you'll also find useful how-to articles that cover maintenance and repairs.

Bicycles and Bikes

Given the independence and resourcefulness of bicycle and motorcycle enthusiasts, it's no surprise that many of them prefer to undertake repairs on their own or simply build it themselves.

  1. Jim Langley's Bicycle Beat: Jim Langley is "a longtime bicycle mechanic, cycling author and former Bicycling Magazine tech editor" who has endless knowledge of bicycles and how they function. He provides repair help, including basic how-tos and answers to complicated questions asked by readers.
  2. Bicycle Tutor: Bicycle Tutor author Alex Ramon's mission is simply to "help people learn how to fix their own bikes." The blog features a comprehensive Repair Guide that includes video tutorials, and despite the numerous ones Alex has produced, readers have requested many more — a good indicator that he's an effective instructor.
  3. How to Fix Bikes: Gerry Lauzon wants to share his bicycle knowledge with the world by providing information pertaining to bicycle repair and maintenance. Expect "no frills," only "the basic stuff everybody needs to know." If you need help with problems such as wheel alignment or chain lubrication, this is your blog.
  4. Rogue Mechanic: The Rogue Mechanic certainly knows bicycles, and it's evident with a quick scroll down his blog. Posts explore everything from ceramic bearings to the new Campagnolo Power Torque System. Also included are links to maintenance videos composed by the Rogue Mechanic himself.
  5. Hand Made Bicycle Building: Rick Guggemos builds bicycles and documents the process with pictures and descriptions. He has built roughly 30 bikes, so he has honed his skills with plenty of practice. Perusing his blog is a great way to learn from one of the bests.
  6. The New York Times: Ask a Bicycle Mechanic (blog posts): The City Room blog allowed readers to ask questions about bicycle maintenance and repair to Eric Schofield, the manager at Bicycle Habitat. With more than 30 years of experience working on bikes, he has become well-acquainted with both classic and modern high-tech models. Here are the second and third sets of the question and answer session.
  7. Electric Bike Building: Want to build more than just a bicycle, but not an entire motorcycle? Take a look at the Electric Bike Building blog and observe "the design and fabrication of electric bikes" by an expert builder. If you get the itch to try it on your own, be sure to first read through the product reviews.
  8. Evan Fell Motorcycle Works: Motorcycle restoration and customization are the hobbies of Evan Fell, and his blog is where he shares his "substantial bank of knowledge." Older Japanese and European bikes are his specialties, but he tinkers with modern bikes as well. Looking for a service manual? Downloadable PDFs are provided for several different models.
  9. Backyard Mechanic: Ortwin from the Netherlands has a passion for building and rebuilding motorcycles. His two decades of experience is evident in his blog, which includes pictures and descriptions of his projects. It's an excellent source of inspiration for amateur motorcycle builders searching for new ideas.


Instead of waiting all day for the repairman to show up, take it upon yourself to get the job done.

  1. Appliance Blog: Is your refrigerator running? If not, consult the Appliance Blog for useful information. You can also seek advice in the Appliance Repair Forums, where people who have dealt with the same problems you're experiencing congregate.
  2. Appliance Parts Blog: Find explanations on how appliances work and repair solutions on the Appliance Parts Blog. Although it's composed by an appliance parts store, the quality of advice given to readers isn't diminished by an agenda.
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